Document Distribution

What is DocuNECT?

To support the business process the documents and data may need to be distributed to third party business applications. This is typically an automated process via system integration.

Distributing and Managing the Documents and Data To Third Party Systems

Once the data has been extracted organized, and the document classified, distributed to users so they can access and manage it:

DocuNECT can distribute documents and data to:

  • Document Management Systems: DocuNECT's own Document Management System, EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender, EMC Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint and others
  • Extracted Data can be distributed as XML, Text, Microsoft Excel etc, or external file-sources
  • External Databases
  • Business Applications

Business Processes

As documents have been classified, and data has been extracted, the lifecycle application can be configured to start a workflow. Two examples of the business application of this lifecycle type:

  • Accounts Payable - The lifecycle can be configured to use business rules review, classify and extract data from invoices. Then an invoice approval workflow can be started for managers to review the invoice and assign Cost Center/GL Account allocations.
  • Loan Diligence - The lifecycle can be configured to use business rules review, classify and extract data from loan documents. Then the loan documents can be analyzed and workflow tasks started for stacking order issues, missing document types, or missing signatures etc.

DocuNECT Work Center

The Work Center is a central location for users to access in the web where they can perform all work that has been allocated to them, either batches or tasks. The screenshot below shows a user that in only involved in the workflow and displays the assigned tasks:


Task Types

The workflow supports different workflow types:

  • Approval Task
  • Notification
  • Electronic Signature
  • User Routing