Document Capture

What is DocuNECT?

Capturing Documents from the User's Desktop

DocuNECT Client Tools provides a number of different ways to upload documents from your desktop.

Virtual Print Driver

Print documents directly into a document management or business application from any print enabled application


Built in Document Explorer

Use the built in document explore in Desktop Capture to browse your local machine for documents to upload.


Drag and Drop Emails

Drag and drop emails and attachments directly from Microsoft Outlook.


Upload Documents Directly from Microsoft Office Applications

Upload documents directly from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.


Scanning with Desktop Capture

Automated Document Capture

In addition to desktop tools, documents can also be automatically captured from different sources and locations:

Utilize Your Scanner Copiers/Network Scanners

Use DocuNECT to capture documents from your scanner/copier or network enabled scanners.


Electronic Document Capture

  • Network Disks or Shared Network Drives
  • Electronic Forms (Formats: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF Forms)
  • FTP or Secure FTP Sites
  • Email (POP3 or IMAP)

Cloud System Capture

Capture documents that are generated by third party providers, such as MeridianLink or DocuSign, and others.

Using DocuNECT for Document Migrations

Use DocuNECT to migrate documents from legacy document management systems. Centralizing your content in one repository can provide more value and centralize governance and compliance functions.

Review the following blog articles for more information on the value of centralization:

Migrate Your Content to a Central Document Repository

Top 5 Migration Challenges

Integrated Capture

DocuNECT's capture can be easily embedded into business applications using our web-based document upload wizard, or our Document Framework SDK that can be called using Microsoft .NET or Web Services.