In order to make it easy we have two editions.


1) DocuNECT Document Capture Edition - This edition provides all the functionality to electronically capture, index and distribute to existing document management systems, such as EMC's ApplicationXtender, D6 or Microsoft SharePoint. This edition can also be used for bulk migrations.
2) DocuNECT Document Management Edition - This edition includes all the functionality in the Capture Edition and provides document management functionality.

DocuNECT Document Capture Edition

The following table provides the features that are included with the electronic document capture edition.

capture.jpg Desktop Products
  • Virtual Print Driver
  • Desktop Capture
  • Email Integration
  • Windows Explorer Integration

Automated Capture

  • Import from File and Network Shares
  • FTP and Secure FTP Sites
  • Email Servers (Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP)
  • Capture/Export documents from other document management systems
  • Business Applications
index.jpg Desktop Indexing
  • Web Based Indexing

Automated Indexing

  • Document Content (Microsoft Office, Text, HTML, XML)
  • OCR Engine for Image Based Files (TIFF, PDF, BMP, JPG, and GIF)
  • Powerful Database Lookup Functionality
  • Barcode Reading (Including 2D Barcodes)
  • Template Document Identification and Data Extraction
distribute.jpg Distribution
  • EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender
  • EMC Documentum D6
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Custom Distributions to File Shares, External Databases, FTP or Secure FTP Sites

DocuNECT Document Management Edition

In addition to the features provided in the above capture solution, the following table details the features that are also included with the electronic document management edition.

distribute.jpg Document Management
  • Powerful Index Data Search with Saved Public and Private Queries
  • Search by the Content of the Document
  • Version Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Dashboards for Reporting
  • Document Security
  • Configurable System and Document Actions
  • Document Routing and Workflow
  • Data Tables
  • My Documents feature
  • Integration with Dropbox

Can You Customize DocuNECT?

There are two SDKs available with DocuNECT:

  • DocuNECT .NET - A Microsoft .NET based SDK that provides programmatic access to all features within the solution.
  • DocuNECT Services - A Web Services SDK for document related features.

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