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Online Help for Previous Versions

The DocuNECT help sites for the previous versions of the software are listed below. Refer to our software versions page for more information on the currently supported products.

Note: The help sites have been recently updated so the previous URLs have changed. If you have pointed the DocuNECT help URL at the public help site then you will need to change the URL in the settings page in DocuNECT Web. Previously all help sites were self-contained but now the sites have been split out by function so there is a site for users, administration, capture lifecycle and development.

homeicon.jpg For more detailed user and technical information, visit the DocuNECT On-Line help sites. To return to this page, click on the Home link icon at the top left of the help site navigation bar:

onlinehelpsmall.jpg Help for Version (v4.2, v4.3 and v4.4)
onlinehelpsmall.jpg User Help onlinehelpsmall.jpg Admin Help onlinehelpsmall.jpg Lifecycle Help
Using_new.jpg Maintaining_new.jpg Building_new.jpg

onlinehelpsmall.jpg Help for Older Versions

Online Help for v4.1
Online Help for v4.0
Online Help for v3.2.2
Online Help for v3.0 and v3.1

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