Document Management

What is DocuNECT?

DocuNECT has a very powerful document management system that can help you manage documents.

Features include:

  • Search Documents by their Content and Attribute Data
  • Version Control
  • Role Based Security
  • Role Based Dashboards that provide a "web site" look and feel to reduce training
  • Document Actions
  • Audit History

Document Search

Document can be search using a basic search that includes the Document Name (a dynamic combination of index values) or an Advanced Search that allows powerful queries to be built.


Document Actions

Depending on the your permissions, document actions can be performed against the document.


Dynamic Foldering

DocuNECT uses a index values to implement dynamic foldering:


Document History

A full document history captures every document event in the lifecycle, from capture through to retention.


To support the business process the documents and data may need to be distributed to third party business applications, or DocuNECT's own workflow tool to gather/review the information.