Using the Virtual Print Driver in v4.7

Using DocuNECT v4.7

The Virtual Print Driver (VPD) allows you to print into DocuNECT from any print enabled application. On selecting print within an application the Print to DocuNECT will be displayed in the list of installed printers.


On selecting the Print to DocuNECT printer the Print Wizard will be displayed:


On pressing Next you will be required to select the Lifecycle you want to print the document into. The lifecycle determines what type of document it is and what index values you will need to enter to upload the document. Some lifecycles are configured to automatically extract data from the document. If the lifecycle you select has been configured to automatically extract data you will not be prompted to enter the index values.


If the lifecycle you select is configured for desktop indexing then an indexing screen will be displayed prompting you to enter the information. Depending on how the system is configured you can change the target cabinet during indexing if required.


On entering the index information you will prompted to confirm the print process and then the document will be uploaded to DocuNECT.