Using the Virtual Print Driver in v4.5

Using DocuNECT v4.5

The DocuNECT Virtual Print Driver (VPD) works with any print enabled application. On selecting print within an application the Print to DocuNECT will be displayed in the list of installed printers.


On selecting the Print to DocuNECT printer the Print Wizard will be displayed:


On pressing Next you will be required to confirm the address by pressing the Next button.


On pressing the Next button the user will be prompted to login:

Note: Once address has been entered then this stage in the wizard will be skipped. If this address changes in the future, press the Back button and

Note: Users need to be members of a group that has the Upload Document privilege in order to use the DocuNECT Print Driver.


The user will then be required to select the appropriate capture definition to use, which will be associated with the document type they are uploading.

Note: If the process does not prompt the user for their username and password then the anonymous login has been selected.

Select the appropriate desktop capture definition to associate the index values


If the selected capture definition has been setup with desktop indexing, enter the information when prompted. If the information is part of a database lookup, enter the value and press the Lookup button. The following example shows an indexing scheme that has been setup with a database lookup to assist the indexing process.