Using the Lifecycle Dashboard in v5.0

Using DocuNECT v5.0

The MyDocuments Dashboard provides a intuitive interface to DocuNECT DM. The look and feel of dashboards can vary depending on the role the user is performing. This section provides an overview of the dashboard that is supplied with DocuNECT.

My Inbox

This provides quick access to your workflow items.


My Documents

The My Documents link provides quick access to your commonly used documents and is split into the following categories:

My Favorites

Documents you have tagged as a favorite


Documents I am Tracking

Documents you are tracked for changes. You will receive an email when the document when a document is edited by another user.


My Role Documents

Documents that have been assigned to your role(s), such as Standard Operating Procedures or Templates etc.

Documents I have Checked Out

Documents you have currently checked out for editing.


My Saved Searches

Quick access to all of your personally saved searches.