Uploading Documents in v4.7

Using DocuNECT v4.7

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You can upload documents via DocuNECT web. This process is similar to uploading documents via the Using the Virtual Print Driver
or the Using Desktop Capture

Once logged into the web application, click on the Upload tab as shown below:


Previous uploads will be displayed. Click on the New Upload button and the web indexing wizard will be displayed. You will be prompted to select the document upload lifecycle. This works the same way as the client tools, if the lifecycle has been configured with desktop indexing then you will be required to index the documents.


You can use the Copy Link button to create a link to this indexing wizard, which can be useful to embed in other applications or internal web sites. On pressing Next you will be prompted to select the files from your computer you want to upload. There are not limit to the number of documents you can upload at a time. Browse to the files and press the Upload to add them to the batch.


Press the Next button and you will be prompted to index the documents.