Document Formats

DocuNECT can store both documents and web URLs. The storage and management of any type of document is supported with a built in viewer for commonly used formats. Formats that are not supported in DocuNECT's viewer can be downloaded to the desktop so an alternate desktop viewer can be used.

URLs can either point an HTML web page, such as:

Or a document stored externally on the web:

The following table provides more information on the viewers DocuNECT uses to display documents. DocuNECT's viewer is Java based and will install automatically the first time a document view is requested. Make sure you have the Java Runtime installed on your machine.

Document Format Viewer
Text Files Text files are supported by the DocuNECT viewer.
Image Files The following images files are supported by the DocuNECT viewer:
Image files include:
1.jpg - Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
2.jpg - Compuserve GIF
3.jpg - Windows Bitmap
4.jpg - JPEG Image
5.jpg - Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
6.jpg- Truevision Targa (TGA)
7.jpg- PCX Image Format
Microsoft Office Microsoft Office documents are supported if the appropriate Office application is installed on the user's local machine. If you do not have Office installed, the following Microsoft Viewers can be downloaded for free:
8.jpg - Microsoft Word 2007 Viewer
9.jpg - Microsoft Excel 2007 Viewer
10.jpg - Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Viewer
Adobe PDF Adobe PDF documents are viewable if the Adobe application is installed on the user's local machine. If the user does not have the Adobe application it can be downloaded for free:
11.jpg - Adobe PDF Reader v9.0
Using Unsupported File Formats When you attempt to view a document that the DocuNECT image viewer does not support, the system will download the document so that a viewer local to the user's desktop can be used.