Installing The Lifecycle Capture Server

The Lifecycle Capture Server contains both the libraries for processing Capture Lifecycles and the editor for producing them. It need to be installed each station that will be processing Capture Lifecycles in the same installation folder as the Content Migration Server.

You can also install it on a client workstation to develop the Capture Lifecycles.

Before installing and configuring the product, review the DocuNECT Product Overview for v4 document that is available on the Portford Solutions web site.

The following steps provide a quick installation reference for the DocuNECT components:

1. Review the Hardware Specifications.

2. Review the Component Compatibility.

3. Install the Capture Lifecycle Server that contains an extension to the DocuNECT Foundation Classes (DNFC) that includes functionality specific to document capture and indexing.

4. Once the server is installed then email moc.snoitulosdroftrop|troppus#moc.snoitulosdroftrop|troppus .

Note: To configure and develop your own custom ContentConnectors download the CMS Developer application.