Indexing Rules in v5.2

Building Lifecycle Applications for v5.0

Table of Contents

If a Lifecycle Definition has been configured to use Auto-Indexing rules then use this section to configure the necessary rules.

Field Name Description
Rule Name The name of the rule that appears in the UI when assigning it.
Active Indicates whether the rule is active. The rule can be made inactive when it is being developed/enhanced.
Cabinet Name A indexing rule works at the cabinet level and this is a required field.
Index Name Auto-indexing works by apply a rule to to extract data. The index name selected stores the extracted value.

Indicates a specific page, or page range.
1-5 - 1 to 5 pages.
1,2,4,6 - Comma separated pages

If this value is left blank then all pages are targeted.

Classification Index Name Specifies the name of the classification index name and is an optional field. Allows the extraction to be targeted to a specific document type.
Classification Index Value Specifies the name of the classification index value and is used in conjunction with the Classification Index Name.

The logic for the data extraction.

Percentage Confidence The percentage confidence assigned if the Phrase is found in the target area (Location - Page, Location - Chars)
Rule Effectiveness This is a read only field and is updated by the system. The designer can monitor the effectiveness to see if any necessary enhancements need to be made.