Document Alerts in v5.2

Building Lifecycle Applications for v5.0

Table of Contents

Alerts allow user, or all users in a role, to be alerted when a particular condition is met in the document indexing values.


Field Name Description
Name The name of the Document Alert.
Description The description of the Document Alert.
Message This is the message that is sent to the user, or all users in a role, when the alert criteria is met.
Cabinet The cabinet where the target documents are located.
Trigger Rule The DocScript trigger rule.
Distribution The document alert can either be sent via an email or a workflow task.
Summary Some scenarios could create a number of alerts for each user. This option allows to provide a summary email every time the process runs.
Notify Role Indicates the role that contain the users to send the document alert to.
Notify User Indicates the user to send the document alert to.