Distribute Information to Microsoft SharePoint

Exchanging Information with Business Applications

This page provides information on how to distribute documents to Microsoft SharePoint. DocuNECT works with the following versions of Microsoft SharePoint:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2003, and 2007.
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Setting Up the Distribution

The following screenshot shows an example of how the connection to Microsoft SharePoint is setup. It is recommended to set the Status Before field in the Distribution rules to be Indexed as shown below.

For SharePoint 2003 and 2007:
SharePoint:\\<SharePoint URL>\<Document Library Name>

For SharePoint 2010:
SharePoint2010:\\<SharePoint URL>\<Document Library Name>


DocScript Tags and System Variables

  • {DocumentName} - The name of the document in SharePoint, assigned to the Document Name system column.
  • {FolderName} - The name of folders which can be assigned to index values if required, or literal values. For nested folders, add a "/" to create a folder path and DocuNECT will create the folders for you.
  • {DocumentLibrary) - If this is not set, then the library name assigned in step 2 will be used. This system variable allows the dynamic assignment of a document library for individual documents.

Setting the Document Property Values

Note, if the DocuNECT index values are the same name as the associated Microsoft SharePoint document library properties then they will automatically be updated, otherwise use DocScript to assign the values.