Distribute Information To Documentum D6

Exchanging Information with Business Applications

This page provides information on how to distribute data and documents to Documentum D5 and D6. DocuNECT works with the following versions of Documentum D5/D6:

  • D5.3
  • D6.0, D6.5, D6.6, and D6.7.

Setting Up the Distribution

The following screenshot shows an example of how the connection to Documentum D5/D6 is setup. It is recommended to set the Status Before field in the Distribution rules to be Indexed as shown below.

D6:\\<Repository Name>


DocScript Tags and System Variables

  • {DocLocation} - Set the location of the document in the cabinet/folder structure. Eg. {DocLocation} = /CabinetName/Folder1/folder2. DocuNECT will create folders if they do not exist. Using this method the folder structure can be dynamically build based in index values.
  • {FullText} - Set to true to enable full text search for the document.
  • {DocType} - Sets the document type of the document. Default is dm_document.
  • {Title} - The document title.
  • {ACLName} -The ACL name of the document and folder (if any are created).
  • {DomainName} -The domain name of the ACL.
  • {ObjectName} - The object name of the document as it appears in the folder structure.
  • {WorkflowName} - Can be blank. The name of the workflow to submit the document to.
  • {Status} -Sets the document status
  • {DocOwner} - Sets the owner name of the document.
  • {FolderOwner} -> Sets the owner name of any folders that are created.

Setting the Document Type Attributes

Note, if the DocuNECT index values are the same name as the associated Documentum document type attributes then they will automatically be updated, otherwise use DocScript to assign the values.