Distribute Information to Documentum ApplicationXtender

Exchanging Information with Business Applications

This page provides information on how to distribute documents to Documentum ApplicationXtender (AX). DocuNECT works with the following versions of AX:

v5.4, v6.0, and v6.5.

Setting Up the Distribution

The following screenshot shows an example of how the connection to AX is setup. It is recommended to set the Status Before field in the Distribution rules to be Indexed as shown below.

AX:\\<AX Datasource Name>\<AX Application Name>


DocScript Tags and System Variables

By default the DSN, Application Name, User Name and Password is set on the Lifecycle Editor Distribution screen as show above. This can be overridden at runtime so you can delete documents within the same batch to different AX applications:

  • {DSN} - AX Datasource Name
  • {AppName} - AX Application Name
  • {UserName} - AX Username
  • {Password} - AX User Password

Releasing Documents to Workflow

The following system variables are for use with AX's WorkflowXtender product.

  • {WFXDB} - The name of the database, typically Wfx.
  • {WFXSERVER} - The Wfx Server Name.
  • {WfxUserName} - The Wfx Username.
  • {WfxPassword} - The Wfx User Password.

Note, AX's Workflow Manager works different with workflow intiation and does not require configuration in DocuNECT.

Displaying “File Pages” as “Document Pages” or “Document Sub-Pages”:

In AX the individual pages in the file can be displayed as “Pages” or “SubPages”. To set the option use the following tags:

  • <CountPDFPages> - If true will display PDF pages as “Document Pages”. If false will display PDF pages as “Document Sub-Pages”. Default is false.
  • <CountTIFPages> - If true will display TIF pages as “Document Pages”. If false will display TIF pages as “Document Sub-Pages”. Default is true.

Appending to an existing AX document:

A document can be appended to an existing document in AX, if it has the same index values. To set this up use the following system variables in the DistribtutionRules:

{luaction} -> set to ‘appenddoc’ if you wish to append documents, otherwise set to ‘newdoc’. Default is ‘newdoc’
{luidxnames} -> an array of the index field names that will be used to determine if documents are the same. Eg:

{luidxnames[0]} = ‘loan number’
{luidxnames[1]} = ‘doc type’
{luidxnames[2]} = ‘sub doc type’

Setting the AX Index Values

Note, if the DocuNECT index values are the same name as the associated Documentum AX Application index values then they will automatically be updated, otherwise use DocScript to assign the values.

Other Options

In the DistribtutionRules you can set the {FullText} system variable to true or false to determine if a document will be submitted to the full-text engine. Default is false.