Custom Lookand Feel in v5.2

Building Lifecycle Applications for v5.0

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The DocuNECT Web allows for the following looks and feel changes to be made:

  • Themes - There are a number of color themes that are provided with the application, however, you can develop your own color themes to match your corporate palette.
  • Customer Login Page - You can develop a custom login page to blend the user experience with your existing web look and feel.
  • Custom Menu - The menu can be changed to change the menu structure and items.
  • Data Tables - Data tables have HTML before and after snippets to change the appearance of forms.
  • Dashboard - You can change the user experience by developing static or dynamic dashboards at the system, role, user and cabinet levels. Refer to Configuring Dashboards

For more information on building custom connector, refer to the Building Lifecycle Applications Reference