Batch Status in v5.2

Building Lifecycle Applications for v5.0

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Batch Status indicate where documents are within the lifecycle. Go to the Batch Status for more information on the different status and their role.

You can add custom batch status to the system to insert custom processing modules within the Lifecycle Definition. For example, at a particular stage in the Lifecycle if you want to post the document data to a third-party system then you could create a customer batch status called Ready for Loan Processing.

Once at this stage, there are two options to process the batch:

  1. Custom Connector - To develop a custom connector that processes the documents in the batch.
  2. Custom Module - To develop a custom module to provide a UI to process the documents in the batch.
  • Name - The name of the status that will appear in the Lifecycle Definition section.
  • Description - Description of the status.
  • Processing - Indicates whether this is a processing status.
  • Module URL - The relative URL of the UI module, if required.