DocuNECT for Documentum D6/D7
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This solution utilizes different components of DocuNECT to solve common challenges faced in a typical Documentum D6/D7 implementation. In addition, DocuNECT can be used to increase the methods used to import content into D6/D7.

What is DocuNECT?

  • The What is DocuNECT? page is a great place to start to understand what DocuNECT can do.
  • The DocuNECT Documentation page provides useful information on the functionality of DocuNECT, including White Papers, Data Sheets and links to the Online Help for the current and previous versions.
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Top 5 Business Use Cases for DocuNECT for Documentum

1. Electronic Document Capture

Business: National Home Builder
Functionality Used: Email Capture and Virtual Print Driver

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The company first implemented DocuNECT’s Virtual Print Driver to digitize desktop document capture, which immediately reduced the amount of paper the company was moving between departments. Rather than printing the documents to paper, and then scanning them into Documentum, the documents were printed directly into Documentum using the Virtual Printer Driver. This made the documents quickly available to other users who needed access to them to make business decisions.

2. Document Conversion

Business: Pharmaceutical Company
Functionality Used: Document Conversion

The pharmaceutical utilize Documentum to manage the creation, review and approval of compliant documents. The company utilizes DocuNECT's document conversion tool to convert Microsoft Office documents to Adobe PDF renditions. The DocuNECT document conversion tool places the document back into Documentum as a document rendition, with thumbnails and bookmarks.

3. Electronic Document Capture

Business: Mortgage Company
Functionality Used: Virtual Print Driver

The mortgage company uses Documentum to manage loan documents. Users use the DocuNECT Virtual Print Driver to print documents in from online sources and business applications. The users are prompted to index the basic loan information and then Virtual Print Driver performs a database lookup to populate the remaining data before the document is distributed to Documentum.

4. Scanner/Copier Integration

Business: Bio-Technology Company
Functionality Used: Distributed Scanning Application

The bio-technology company utilize Documentum to manage the creation, review and approval of compliant document. The company has a number of multi-function devices that are available to users who wish to scan and index documents into Documentum. The users scan documents on the multi-function devices receive an email notification that there is a document ready for indexing. They used the web-based document index module to enter in the remaining information before the document is distributed to Documentum.

5. Email Capture

Business: Fund Management Company
Functionality Used: Email Capture

The fund management company have implemented an accounts payable workflow solution to automate the approval of invoices. DocuNECT is used to capture invoices submitted via email by employee or vendors. The attachments are stripped from the email and checked to see if they need to be separated before being submitted to Documentum to start the invoice approval process.

"Turn-Key" Lifecycle Applications

Using Client Tools for Document Import

The Client Tools product provides the ability to easily capture electronic documents from the desktop and has the following features:

  • A built in document browser to allow you to easily identify documents to be uploaded
  • Ability to print documents into Documentum from any print enabled application
  • Drag and Drop documents from the Windows desktop and Windows Explorer
  • Drag and Drop documents from Microsoft Outlook
  • Split document images. This is useful if you receive faxes to your email that contain multiple document types
  • Easily integrate with scanning applications that already exist or are shipped with the scanner. An example of this is the Desktop Capture integration with Fujitsu's ScanSnap
VideoVPD.png DocuNECT - Virtual Print Driver for Documentum
This demonstration shows how to use the DocuNECT Virtual Print Driver with the Documentum document management system.

Multi-Function Device Integration

Using the automated file import features combined with DocuNECT's powerful web based indexing provides a cost effective solution for an enterprise-wide scanning and indexing. Features include:

  • Completely web-based indexing
  • Users are notified via email of indexing tasks with a link that goes directly to the indexing task which helps to reduce training
  • Integrated with Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD) to retrieve the user information
  • Barcode generation utility built into DocuNECT Web
  • Document separation, based on barcodes or patch codes
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Using DocuNECT for Reports Management

DocuNECT can be used as a report processing application for Documentum. Features include:

  • Import reports in either a ASCII, Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office formats
  • Use DocuNECT's powerful DocScript scripting language to extract data from report to create folders, assign permission sets or populate document type attributes
  • Split reports based on information found in the report. For example, you may have a business report that contains the finances for all projects. You can split the sections of the report by each project code to make it easier to access and distribute into Documentum

Capturing Electronic Forms into Documentum

Using a combination of the DocuNECT Desktop Capture applications and automated indexing provides a great solution for capturing electronic forms. Features include:

  • Capture electronic forms created in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, XML/HTML and Adobe PDF Forms
  • Submit the forms using the Virtual Print Driver, Desktop Capture or via Email
  • Utilizes existing applications to complete forms (Microsoft and Adobe Reader), which makes DocuNECT a cost-effective forms capture solution

Automating Document Import

You may receive electronic content with index values that are stored in different formats. DocuNECT can be configured to import documents and index values that are supplied in a number of different formats. Features include:

  • Total control over mapping the index values from any number of files sources, including databases, text files, XML and HTML files, and Microsoft Excel
  • Different sources can be periodically monitored looking for files to import, such as Local or Network Based File-Shares, FTP Sites, and Secure FTP/SSH sites
  • Email notifications can be sent to confirm successful file imports, or to notify a user of an import error

Monitoring Email

Email is still a highly used application for sending and receiving documents. DocuNECT allows you to set up a email address to be able to email documents directly into Documentum. Features include:

  • DocuNECT can monitor POP3 and IMAP protocols. Note, for Lotus Notes and Groupwise email POP3 and IMAP can be utilized
  • The email body and attachments can either be added to Documentum as one document with multiple-pages to represent the attachments, or the body and attachments can be added as separate documents
  • Information can be extracted from the email body and attachments to automate the indexing process. Tags can also be placed in the email body to populate index values

File Share Migration

Network based file-shares are a popular way to easily store and share documents. If you have already invested in a Documentum system, it makes sense to migrate the documents to take advantage of Documentum's powerful security, workflow and records management functionality. Features include:

  • Map all or parts of the document's name to Documentum document type attribute values
  • Map all or parts of the document's folder name to Documentum document type attribute values
  • Retrieve information from the content of the document to populate Documentum document type attribute values

MeridianLink Import

DocuSign Link Import

IMMOnline TotaleReceipt Import

Building Your Own Lifecycle Applications

We have pre-configured lifecycle applications that cover the most common use cases for Documentum, however, you can also produce your own lifecycle application to meet a specific need.

The Technology

The links below provide information on the technology behind DocuNECT:

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