Moving A Database Or Station

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Date: 09/16/2014
Applies to Version: v4.5, v4.6, v4.7 and v4.8

In v4.5 and v4.6 this is a simple procedure. There may be situations where you want to move the database from server to another, or move the station to another server. There are different objects that depend on the station such as the storage locations and connectors.

In either situation simply repair the station and this will refresh the depending objects with the new station.

Note, when moving stations be careful to check the following:

  • Station Working Folder- Look at the station properties and confirm that the station working folder exists.
  • Storage Location - If you are moving a station to get more storage space, then make sure that the storage location exists and all the associated documents are moved across.
  • Connectors - Check if any of the connector parameters are referencing storage locations, and if so then make sure they exist on the new server.