Configuring VueScan with DocuNECT's Client Tool

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Date: 1/27/2015
Applies to Version: v4.8

Configuring VueScan from Hamrick Software

VueScan is an easy to use desktop scanning application ( The application comes in two versions, standard or professional. Note, either version can be used.

To configure…
1) Create a folder called DCN_Scanning the local PC where the scanning application is installed.
2) Open the VueScan application and select the Output tab and assign the Default Folder to the DCN_Scanning folder.
3) Select the File Type as TIFF.


4) In the Preferences tab, select None for the External Viewew.


Configuring Desktop Capture to Use VueScan

1) Configure the Desktop Capture settings to use the VueScan scanning application.
2) Configure the Desktop Capture settings to use the scanning folder.