Workflow Manager Connector Help

ContentConnector Library

This page provides detailed information on how to use the Workflow Manager connector. Visit the Managing Connectors for more information on how to manage ContentConnectors.


This connector processes the different workflow items.

License Type

This connector is included with the core purchase of DocuNECT and no additional license is required.

Download Latest Version

This is available on the DocuNECT software site.

Version History

The following table details the connector version history:

Version No Build No Release Date Change History
v1.0 v5.0.N.N N/A Updated for all versions of DocuNECT v5.0.
v1.0 v4.8.1.2 9/29/2014 Updated for DocuNECT v4.8.1.2
v1.0 v4.7.1.1 11/04/2013 Updated for DocuNECT v4.7.1.1
v1.0 v4.6.19.2 10/31/2011 Connector released

Connector Parameters

There are no parameters for this connector.

Additional Notes

Each instance of the connector manages one dashboard target. To manage multiple dashboards, simply add additional instances of this connector.