Users in v5.0

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v5.0

The following user installed by default and cannot be deleted:

cmsadmin - For administrators of the DocuNECT environment and provides permissions to all functions.

User Configuration

Access the user list by clicking on the Users sub-menu in the Administration menu. DocuNECT v4.7 now has an account active flag that can either be manually set, or by the user exceeding the number of configured failed login attempts. The user list also indicates when the user last logged into the DocuNECT system.


Click the Edit option next to the user's name to edit the details, or click on the New button to create a new user.


Permission Name Description
Username The username the user will user to log into DocuNECT.
Authentication DocuNECT has two modes of authentication. DocuNECT authentication is internal to DocuNECT, where as the Windows authentication will authenticate the user against Active Directory. DocuNECT can synch with Active Directory using the User Synch connector. For more information, visit the User Synch Connector Help
Password Password for the user that must comply with the password length defined in the Settings.
Confirm Password Password re-entry for confirmation.
Can Change Password Allows the users to change their password from the login screen or by using the My Account icon.
Password Never Expires Option for the password to never expire. The expiration period is defined in the Settings.
Can Edit Preferences Allows the users to change their preferences by using the My Account icon.
Account Active It is not recommended to delete users from DocuNECT as the user information is stored in the audit trails. It is recommended to make the user inactive using this option. Once a user is inactive, they will not be able to log in.
Full Name Full name of the user.
Email Address Email address of the user.
Mobile Mobile number or the user.
Default Login Module Allows the default login module to be set.
Records Per Page Indicates the number of records (in the document retrieval or batch indexing) to be display per page.
Receive Workflow Emails Indicates whether the user will receive email notifications of items that appear in their My Tasks inbox.

User Assignment

Assign the user to the appropriate roles. Note, a user can be assigned to more than one role. A user can be notified by email of their new account details by selecting the email notification checkbox.

Configuring the User Dashboard

Configuring Dashboards in v5.1.1x
Configuring Dashboard in v5.2

User History

Every change to the user profile is recorded in the user history to support compliance.