Users in v4.6

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v4.6

Click on the user name to modify the user's details, or to create a new user click on the New button from the main users view.

  • Username - The username the user will user to log into DocuNECT.
  • Authentication - DocuNECT has two modes of authentication. DocuNECT authentication is internal to DocuNECT, where as the Windows authentication will authenticate the user against Active Directory.
  • Password - Password for the user that must comply with the password length defined in the Settings.
  • Confirm Password - Password confirmation.
  • Can Change Password - Allows the users to change their password from the login screen or by using the My Account icon.
  • Password Never Expires - Option for the password to never expire. The expiration period is defined in the Settings.
  • Can Edit Preferences - Allows the users to change their preferences by using the My Account icon.
  • Full Name - Full name of the user.
  • Email Address - Email address of the user.
  • Default Login Module - Allows the default login module to be set.
  • Records Per Page - Indicates the number of records (in the document retrieval or batch indexing) to be display per page.
  • Receive Workflow Emails - Indicates whether the user will receive email notifications of items that appear in their My Tasks inbox.

Assign the user to the appropriate roles. Note, a user can be assigned to more than one role.

A user can be notified by email of their new account details by selecting the email notification checkbox.