System Diagnostics Connector Help

ContentConnector Library

This page provides detailed information on how to use the System Diagnostics connector. Visit the Managing Connectors for more information on how to manage ContentConnectors.


This performs the following tasks:

  • Details the station information.
  • Details connector information and identifies inactive connectors (set to Inactive or do not have any connector runs).
  • If the connectors are active, analyzes the connector logs for any errors.
  • Details the number of roles and users. Lists users who have not logged in for over 30 days.
  • Details the storage location and warns of the storage capacity is below 25%.
  • Analyzes the application logs and lists any errors found.

License Type

This connector is included with the core purchase of DocuNECT and no additional license is required.

Download Latest Version

This is available on the DocuNECT software site.

Version History

The following table details the connector version history:

Version No Build No Release Date Change History
v1.0 v5.0.N.N N/A Updated for all versions of DocuNECT v5.0.
v1.0 v4.8.1.2 9/29/2014 Updated for DocuNECT v4.8.1.2.

Connector Parameters

The following table details the connector parameters:

Parameter Description Example
Diagnostics Mode This indicates that mode that determines the connector behavior. Note, enter either <blank> or ANALYZE. ANALYZE
Email User Address List A comma separated list of email addresses that will be sent the summary report. moc.ynapmoc|sgolb.derf#moc.ynapmoc|sgolb.derf,moc.ynapmoc|htims.trub#moc.ynapmoc|htims.trub
Email Users in Role Emails all the users in the defined role. Role 1
Include Portford Support Setting this to YES will include moc.snoitulosdroftrop|troppus#moc.snoitulosdroftrop|troppus on the summary report. YES

Additional Notes