Registering and Licensing a v5.0 Station

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v5.0

Once you have installed the DocuNECT environment you will need to access the web site and continue the configuration. Access the DocuNECT web application by using the following URL:

<Server Name>/DocuNECT/<Instance Name>

Note, the <Instance Name> is the name of the site you entered during the DocuNECT Web installation.

Note, if you opted to use the SSL access during the installation and have a valid SSL certificate installed on the server then add an change the http to https.

Accessing the URL will direct you to the login page and as this is the first time logging you will need to use the default admin account and password that was provided to you when you purchased the software. The admin password is deliberately shorter than the default password length of 8 to force a admin password change for security reasons.

Once logged in click on the Stations option in the Administration menu.

Registering a Station

To add a station click on the New button and you will be prompted to enter either the hostname or IP address of the station. Note, a station is where the DocuNECT Server is running.


On pressing the Continue button DocuNECT will attempt to contact the station. It the station could not be contacted, an error message will be displayed.

Troubleshooting Tips

1) Check that the server name or IP entered is valid.
2) Confirm that the station service (DocuNECT Server) has been started.
3) Make sure that port 7001 is open between the web server and the station.

On successfully contacting the server the following confirmation page will be display with the station details. Press the Finish button to complete the registration. Now enter the temp folder location that is used for general processing.


The station summary page will be displayed, listing the newly registered station. The two icons on the left will be red at this point as the station has not been licensed. The icon on the far left indicates the server state, either stopped (red stop button) or running (a green play button). You cannot start the station until it has been licensed. The next icon in from the left will be red as this is the license status.


Obtain and Installing a License

Contact Portford support with the Station Code to obtain a license file which will be an XML file that contains your software entitlement. To install the license, click on the Station Name in the stations list in Administration. Click on the Import Certificate button and then browse to the license and press the Submit button. Confirm that the license details and press the Submit button.

Setting the Working Folder (v5.1.1.x)

Some connectors use a working folder to perform temporary tasks. In v5.1 the working folder is stored against the station as a property.


Setting the Working Folder (v5.2 and Above)

Some connectors use a working folder to perform temporary tasks. In v5.0 the working folder is stored against the station as a property. In addition, versions 5.2 and above also have a cache folder location assigned to the station which manages the temporary storage of page image and thumbnails to support the HTML5 viewer.


Repairing a Station

After an upgrade or a system move, the station may need to be repaired.

1) Click on the Stations sub-menu in the Administration menu.
2) Click on the station name and then click on the Repair button.
3) The Repair preparation page will be displayed, click on the Continue button.
4) If successfully repaired, the station summary will be displayed.