OCR Connector

ContentConnector Library

This page provides detailed information on how to use the OCR connector. Visit the Managing Connectors for more information on how to import and manage ContentConnectors.


This connector works in conjunction with the lifecycle process and portford Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on TIFF and PDF image documents.

License Type

This connector does not need to be licensed.

Download Latest Version

The connector is copied to the following location when the lifecycle is installed.

<Program Files Folder>\Portford Solutions Group, Inc\DocuNECT Server\connectors

Version History

The following table details the connector version history:

Version No Build No Release Date Change History
v1.0 v4.8.1.2 9/29/2014 Version for DocuNECT v4.8.1.2
v1.0 v4.7.1.1 11/04/2013 Updated connector to be compatible with the v4.7.1.1 release.
v1.0 v4.6.19.2 2/18/2013 Updated connector to be compatible with the v4.6.19.2 release.
v1.0 v4.6.13.2 11/5/12 Version for DocuNECT v4.6.13.2
v1.0 v4.6.8.1 5/21/2012 Version for DocuNECT v4.6.

Connector Parameters

The following table details the connector parameters:

Parameter Description Example
OCR PDF By default the connector OCR's TIFF based image files. However, setting this flag to True will also include PDF image files. True
New Version If set to True, the connector will create a new version of the document once the OCR is complete. True
Temp Folder This is no longer used and is replaced with the working folder specified int the DocuNECT Settings option. N/A
Maximum Threads This allows the number of threads to be specified. 1
Auto-Rotate If set to True pages will be auto-rotated. True
Remove Blank Pages If set to True, blank pages will be detected and removed. N/A
Compress Images If set to True the connector will determine and apply the most appropriate compression algorithm. True
Batch Status ID After This defaults to OCR Completed, however, another batch status can be specified by its batch status ID. 5
Custom Settings This provides the ability to set different OCR settings on and off. N/A

Additional Notes