Managing Stations in v5.0

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v5.0

Station Status


The status indicates the service status and has the following values:

  • Running
  • Stopped

In v5.0 there is now a sub-status, to help track the state of the station to assist with troubleshooting. The sub-status has the following status values:

  • Normal - The server has no issues.
  • Command Timeout
  • Connection Failed
  • Transaction Deadlock

In case of an issue, the sub-status will also display the time until the server will retry the failed operation, i.e.:

The command will be retried 1/5 in 30 seconds.


No more retries for command timeout.

Station Logs

Each station log information and can be accessed by clicking on the log link in the main station view. The following log shows an example of an error while the license was being applied:


Repairing a Station

Repairing a station needs to be performed when either a station server name/IP address changes or the database user credentials change.

1) Click on the Stations sub-menu in the Administration menu.
2) Click on the Repair button, then press the Continue button, and then press the Finish button.