Managing Stations in v4.8

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v4.8

Station Status


The status indicates the service status and has the following values:

  • Running
  • Stopped

In v4.8 there is now a sub-status, to help track the state of the station to assist with troubleshooting. The sub-status has the following status values:

  • Normal - The server has no issues.
  • Command Timeout
  • Connection Failed
  • Transaction Deadlock

In case of an issue, the sub-status will also display the time until the server will retry the failed operation, i.e.:

The command will be retried 1/5 in 30 seconds.


No more retries for command timeout.

Station Logs

Each station log information and can be accessed by clicking on the log link in the main station view:


Repairing a Station

Repairing a station needs to be performed when either a station server name/IP address changes or the database user credentials change.

1) Click on the Stations sub-tab in the Administration tab.
2) Click on the Repair button, then press the Continue button, and then press the Finish button.