Machine Learning Connector

ContentConnector Library

This page provides detailed information on how to use the Machine Learning connector. Visit the Managing Connectors for more information on how to import and manage ContentConnectors.


This connector automatically creates indexing rules by analyzing the document history.

License Type

This connector is included with the DocuNECT Discovery module.

Download Latest Version

The connector is copied to the following location when the lifecycle is installed.

<Program Files Folder>\Portford Solutions Group, Inc\DocuNECT Server\connectors

Version History

The following table details the connector version history. Note, from v4.7 each connector has its own version no. as well as the build no.

Version No Build No Release Date Change History
v1.4 v5.2.1.0 6/15/2019 Version for DocuNECT v5.2.1.0.

Connector Parameters

The following table details the connector parameters:

Parameter Description Example
Days The number of days document history to analyze to identify indexing rules. If no value is specified then the default is 30. 30
Lifecycle Name(s) This is an optional parameter that allows the connector to be targeted at a specific lifecycle or list (comma separated) of lifecycles. If no lifecycle(s) are specified then all lifecycles are targeted.
Frequency The number of times a pattern occurs before a rule is created. The higher the frequency the more specific the rules will become. If no value is specified then the default is 5. 5
Add/Update Rule

This indicates whether an existing rule will be updated or overwritten.

ADD - Adds a new rule if it does no already exist. This is determined by a combination of the Index Name, Classification Name and Value and the Rule Type.
UPDATE - Replace an existing rule or add a new one if it does not exists.

Note, the default value is ADD.


Additional Notes

There are no additional notes for this connector.