Installing DocuNECT Web Modules in v5.0

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v5.0

The Web Module Installer is an application that install module packages for the DocuNECT Web application.

Before You Begin

1. Review the Component Compatibility page to ensure that the target environment meets the necessary specifications.

2. The target server(s) must have the Microsoft .NET Framework (v4.5) installed (if not already present). A link to the foundation classes can be found in the Downloads page.

3. Remove all previous versions of the DocuNECT product.

4. Log in as the local server administration rights to install the server product.

Run the Install for the DocuNECT Web Module Installer

The following points provides a step-by-step guide to installing the Server product:

1. On the DocuNECT web server, run the .msi file which can be downloaded from the Downloads page. Once located, double-click on the file to initiate the install wizard.

2. Once the install wizard is initiated a welcome screen will be displayed.

3. After pressing the Next button the installation folder screen is displayed. It is recommended to select the defaults, but the location of the installation files can be changed. Upon pressing the Next button, the confirm installation screen is displayed.

4. On pressing the Next button, the files will be installed.

5. A screen will be displayed confirming that the installation is complete.

Install a Module

1. Open the web installer in the Start > Programs > DocuNECT program group and then log into the DocuNECT database.

2. Once logged in, browse to the web folder where the DocuNECT Web instance is installed and then browse to the module package file.

3. Press the Install Module button.