Installing the DocuNECT Web Classification Module for v4.8

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v4.8

This section provides instructions on how to install the DocuNECT Web My Dashboard module.

Before You Begin

1. The dashboard is a component of the DocuNECT Web application. Make sure the web application has been installed before installing the dashboard. Installing DocuNECT Web and Creating/Upgrading the Database
2. Make sure the Web Module Installer has been installed.
3. Locate the file which can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

Installing the Dashboard

1. Open the Web Module Installer and login into the database.
2. Browse to the IIS instance folder.
3. Browse the Classification module zip file and then press the Install Module button.
4. The installer will prompt to run the My Dashboard connector to install the dashboard for all users. Note, this is recommended.
5. Grant IIS users write permission to ClassificationTemp// folder and UplaodedImages folder in the Dashboard directory.

Setting up the Batch Status URL

For the following Ready for Classification and Partially Classified status, update the moduleurl field with the following reference:


Updated the Thumbnail Cache Location

In the Document Processor connector, update the Target Cache - full path (UNC) parameter with the UNC path reference to the