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This page provides detailed information on how to use the File Manager connector. Visit the Managing Connectors for more information on how to manage ContentConnectors.


This connector provides the ability to copy files between locations either using a regular file/folder connection or via a secure FTP connection. This can be used to generate a backup of the files contained in the storage locations, or create a duplicate storage location.

The configurations for the backup process are managed by DocuNECT data tables, which are created the first time the connector is generated.

  • File Manager - Profiles
  • File Manager - Run Log
  • File Manager - Run Detail

The Run Log and Run Detail tables are used by the File Manager connector to store the log information for each time it runs. The Profiles table provide the input to the connector of what locations you want to duplicate, move or copy.

The following table provides an overview of the profiles table:

Field Name Description Example
Profile ID The ID of the profile. 001
Profile Name The name of the profile. Document Backup
Profile Description The description of the profile. Backup of the documents in the storage location.
Status Indicates whether the profile is Active or Inactive. Inactive profiles are ignored by the File Manager connector. 001
Source Root Path This indicates the source root path of the content that needs to be processed. You can alterantivly specify a station ID, to process all the attached storage locations to the station. D:\Content
Target Root Path This indicates the target root path of where the content is copied/moved to. Note, if the target is on a secure FTP site then the path does not require a drive. D:\Content
Method This specified the method used to copy the files, either Secure FTP or File System. Secure FTP
Method Connection This is only required for the Secure FTP method and uses the following format:
<Secure FTP Server>|<Port>|<Username>|<Password>
Mode The mode used to copy the files:
Copy - Copies the files, but does not overwrite files that already exist on the target.
Copy Overwrite - Copies the files and overwrites files that exist on the target.
Copy New and Modified - Copies only new and modified files.
Copy Date/Time Stamped - Copies the files to a date/time stamped folder.

Note, if you have specified a station ID in the source target then only the files that have been changed will be copied, which is determined from the database itself and not the file properties.

Copy New and Modified
Logging The run log:
Run Only - Provides basic information about the run.
Run Detail - Logs every file copied during the run.
Run Only

License Type

This connector is included with the core purchase of DocuNECT and no additional license is required.

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Version History

The following table details the connector version history. Note, from v4.7 each connector has its own version no. as well as the build no.

Build No Version No Release Date Change History
v1.0 v4.8.1.2 9/24/2014 Updated for DocuNECT v4.8.1.2.
v1.0 v4.6.13.2 11/5/2012 Updated for DocuNECT v4.6.31.2.
v1.0 v4.6.8.1 5/29/2012 Initial version for DocuNECT v4.6.
N/A v1.0 9/24/2014 Updated for DocuNECT v4.8.1.2.

Connector Parameters

The connector has no parameters.

Additional Notes

There are no additional notes for this connector.