Creating/Upgrading the DocuNECT Database in v5.0

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v5.0

Installing and Using the Database Manager

The Database Manager application can be installed on any machine. Download the Database Manager from the Downloads page and run the installer and review/accept the installation prompts. DocuNECT v5.0 requires the Microsoft SQL Server full-text option to be enabled.

Once installed the Database Manager can be found in the DocuNECT program group. When you run the application it will prompt you for the login information as shown below:

Note, for the latest version of DocuNECT v5.0, go to the Downloads page.


Note, the application manages database creation and object creation tasks and therefore needs a user with the appropriate level of permissions. The user is only used to manage these operations and is not stored or used by any of DocuNECT module for database connection.

Review this article to setup the appropriate database users and permissions. Managing Database Connections and Permissions

A list of all databases are displayed. DocuNECT databases can be identified by an entry in the version no. column.


Note. It is strongly recommended to backup your database before upgrading or renaming it.

Upgrading a Database

To upgrade a database, click on the database in the list and select the Upgrade option in the Tools menu. A popup will confirm the database information, including the version the database is on, and the version that the database will be upgraded to:


On pressing the Upgrade button, the upgrade process will begin and a progress bar will be displayed. A confirmation message will be displayed on successful upgrade.


If the script runs into errors a popup will be displayed stating what the error is. Click on the Copy to Clipboard button and paste the error into an email to:

Warning. The time to complete a database upgrade depends on the volume of data within the database.

Creating a Database

Select the Create option from the Tools menu and then enter the following information:


Field Name Description
Database Name The name of the database is it will appear in Microsoft SQL Server. This can be any name, however, we recommend placing a 'DCN_' prefix to help distinguish between other databases.
Owner The owner of the database. The owner has to have the rights to create a database and database objects.
Collation DocuNECT can support a number of SQL Server collations, however, we recommend using the <Server Default> option.

On pressing the Create button, the database will be created.

Renaming a Database

To rename a database, click on the database in the list and select the Rename option in the Tools menu, enter a new name for the database and then press the Rename button.

Note. Renaming a database will require all registered station certificates to be re-issues.