Creating Homepages in v4.8

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v4.8

DocuNECT provides the ability to extend the web interface by adding homepages. These homepages can either work at the System Level (for all users), Role level, or User level.

The following screen is accessible in the User, Role and Database Settings page depending on the level at which you want the page to work.


The following table provides more information on the homepage configuration fields:

Field Description
External Link Allows HTML content to be referenced in an external site, such as a corporate web or intranet page.
Embedded HTML Allows HTML content to be embedded directly into the DocuNECT database.
Internal Document This allows you to add HTML content to a cabinet and point to the document ID so you can use version control to edit and make changes easily. In addition, you can either specify the latest version or a specific version.

When a homepage is set then a Home tab is automatically displayed with the assigned content. The content can either be an external web site, or embedded HTML, or a document that is contained within a DocuNECT cabinet.