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Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v4.8
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This page provides a complete library of Portford's ContentConnectors. Your system will be licensed to run a number of connectors and lifecycles. However, some connectors are provided with an open license which do not require a station license and do not count against your entitlement.

Deprecated Connectors

In v4.8 we have made the process a little simpler in regards to connectors. We now have a Document Processor connector that replaces the OCR Connector, Separator Connector and the Render Connector.

OCR Connector (Deprecated)

This connector OCR's image based documents. Although this is available in v4.8, this functionality is now contained in the Document Processing connector.
OCR Connector Help

Render Connector (Deprecated)

This connector extracts text from documents and renders formats to PDF. Although this is available in v4.8, this functionality is now contained in the Document Processing connector.
Render Connector Help

Document Separator (Deprecated)

This connector separates image based documents that use a document separator page. Although this is available in v4.8, this functionality is now contained in the Document Processing connector.
Document Separator Connector Help

System Connectors

Thumbnail Generator

This connector creates thumbnail of image based content (TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, and BMP) that is displayed in the search results for managed content. Parameters allow the thumbnail width and height to be specified.

Connector Logs Cleaner

This connector purges the different logs within DocuNECT after a specified time frame.

Distributed Batch Cleaner

The lifecycle has an option to delete batches on successful distribution to a business application, however, you can also archive the batches for future reference and then use this connector to purge them after a specified amount of time.

Storage Cleaner

When a file is deleted DocuNECT does not actually delete the content to allow it to be potentially recovered. This connector will purge the content that has been marked for deletion to free up the disk space.

PostScript to PDF

This converts the PostScript files generated by the Virtual Print Driver to Adobe PDF documents.

Storage Monitor

This monitors the free space on a specified storage location and sends email notifications to an assigned user if the free space falls below an designated amount.

User Synch

Users and groups (with membership) can be import from Microsoft Active Directory via LDAP. In addition this information can be imported from a text file to generically support other user and group methodologies.
User Synch Connector Help

Workflow Connector (v5.2 and Above)

This connector manages the workflow process that are setup as part of the document lifecycle.
Workflow Connector Help

Document Lifecycle Connectors

Document Lifecycle

This connector runs document lifecycles that are generated using the Document Lifecycle Editor.
Document Lifecycle Connector Help

Document Processor

This connector manages all document processing functions including: OCR, separation, rendering, auto-indexing, and classification.
Document Processor Connector Help

Machine Learning

This connector automatically creates indexing rules based on historical document data.
Machine Learning Connector Help

System Diagnostics

This connector monitors the environment to identify configuration issues.
System Diagnostics Connector Help

Batch Re-Trigger

This connector allows batches to be automatically re-triggered.
Batch Re-Trigger Connector Help

Lifecycle Converter

This connector converts lifecycles previously created with the Lifecycle Editor to the format supported by the Lifecycle Web Editor.
Lifecycle Converter Connector Help