Connector Data Tables in v4.6

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v4.6

Connector Data Tables (CDT) are a useful way to either provide input or processing information for ContentConnectors or to provide a way to easily maintain pick-lists and lookup validation tables in Cabinets.

Creating a Data Table

From the main data view click on the New Table button and enter the table name and description. Note, you do not have to put underscore in the table name. On pressing the Submit button the main view will be displayed. Click on the table name and the table information will be displayed. The default view displays the records in the table (which will be blank with new tables).


Click on the Column view to create the column information.


Click on the New Column button to create a column.


- Column Name - The name of the column. Like the table name the column name can have spaces.
- Data Type - Data tables support Text, Date and Number as column types.
- Data Length - On required for Text columns.
- Required - Indicates that the value in the column has to be entered when creating a new record.
- Default Value (optional) - Allows a default value to be used when a record is created.

The Auto-Complete provides options for creating pick-lists of data.

- Static Picklist - allows a pre-defined list of values to be entered.
- Dynamic Picklist - Provides the options of pre-populating the pick-list with values from another Connector Data Table (CDT) table.
- Username - This option populates the pick-list with the DocuNECT user's setup in the Users option in the Administration tab.