Configure Database Settings for v4.5

Installing and Configuring DocuNECT v4.5

Make sure you are logged in as a user with administration rights and click on the Settings icon in the icon set at the top right of the web application as shown below.


Press the Edit System Settings button and the following page will be displayed:

System Logo


On installation the system defaults to the DocuNECT logo, but another logo can be assigned.

Outgoing SMTP Server


DocuNECT relies on emails to provide system and user notifications. The outgoing mail settings store the mail server that DocuNECT uses to send these emails.

Password Policy


The default password policy is 8 character password lengths with 90 days expiration. This can be change to meet the policies set by your company.

Anonymous Access


These two settings are used by the Virtual Print Driver and Desktop Capture applications as option to upload documents as anonymous users.

Other Settings


The administrator email is the From address that DocuNECT uses for all system and user alerts. A URL can be added to an internal help site, or this site, which is displayed when the users press the Help link in the icon set always displayed at the top right of the web application. The session timeout if the time of inactivity before the user session is made inactive and login screen is displayed.

Home Page


In order to present content to users intuitively, DocuNECT has 3 levels of homepage:

1) at the system level (this level) and the home page is displayed for all users.
2) at the role level providing a homepage for the users assign to the role.
3) at the user level allowing an individual homepage to be assigned.

When a homepage is set then a Home tab is automatically displayed with the assigned content. The content can either be an external web site, or embedded HTML, or a document that is contained within a DocuNECT cabinet.